Eheim Ecco Pro Easy 80 External Canister Filter

Item No. 22362369

$226.99 CAD

Eheim Ecco Pro External Canister Filters are easy to use and designed for reliability. Ecco Pro filters feature efficient 3-stage filtration, large capacity for less frequent cleanings, energy-efficient performance, and easy set-up.

  • Low energy consumption with high performance
  • 3-stage biological, chemical & mechanical filtration
  • Ceramic axles & sleeves allow extremely quiet-running

Each Ecco Pro aquarium filter comes fully equipped with everything you need for instant operation, including accessories and filter media. These economical filters also feature multi-function handles that allow easy carrying, opening/closing, and instant priming. Rotational shut-off taps, practical, versatile filter baskets, and long-life ceramic components make the Eheim Ecco Pro the filter for virtually every application. The pumphead features a durable elastic silicon sealing ring to prevent leaks.

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