Eheim Professional 4+ 600 Canister Filter

Item No. 22362275

$458.99 CAD

Eheim Professional 4+ Canister filters deliver 1250 litres per hour through Eheim's own media and the high quality media is also included. It is designed to cater for aquariums from 240 litres to 600 litres with its quiet yet powerful performance the Pro Series has always been a flagship of Eheim. Ehiem has some nice additions in this series with the added process of being able to bypass with the Xtender which is handy if you do not have the time to clean straight away or confronted with blocked media. Also only allowing the hoses to be detached when the hose adaptor is closed to prevent water mess and spills. The Self Priming makes the Pro 4 makes it nice and easy when getting it ready to run for the first time as well as consistent ongoing performance. German design and manufacture brings Eheim quality to the forefront and backing with a 3 Year Warranty supported by not only by us at The Tech Den but also backed the Australian Authorised Distributor for Eheim. The Pro 4 Series is highly recommended and ideal for anyone that appreciates highly filtered water filtration for their aquarium..

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